"To us, True sailing means yachts built to plough through waves and chase the wind. To be in harmony with the sailor. To secure an anticipate his actions. Only a True yacht listens to the sailor and adjusts to his skill. Only a True vessel never fails in distress and makes dreams of sailing come true".

Delphia is based in Poland and has its head quarters in Warsaw and its state of the art manufacturing facilities in Olecko, on the shores of Great Olecko Lake. They have a team of highlighly qualified specialist craftsmen who have a real commitment to delivering "the requirements of the most demanding of customers".  We visited the factory back in 2015 and were blown away by it. The quality of the workmanship is superb and all the people we saw were highly skilled, hardworking and amazingly friendly. Our Director William Avery (at the time also President of the Institute of Carpenters), said "it was a real pleasure to be amongst people who were so enthusiastic about achieving a quality product using a combination of modern high tech methods."

They manufacture a wide range of boats, from small family friendly dinghies, through to 32ft family cruisers and their flagship yacht the 47ft D47.  Their passion doesn't end once you've purchased your boat though - they have the Delphia Yachts Sailing Academy, the Delphia 24 Regatta Society and aside from building even better and more attractive vessels, for many years they have been involve din promoting sailing and nautical know how.

As the sole agent for Delphia in the UK and Ireland, we're pleased to bring you their complete range of cruisers:

D 40.3

A family cruiser - a round the world yacht suitable for groups. Unbreakable. 

D 47

A family cruiser - a yacht for groups.  The flagship yacht of Delphia in the CE-A

D 46 DS

A luxurious ocean-going central cockpit deck saloon yacht


Coming soon - due July / August 2018...