Fareast 28R Boat of the Month - Yachting World Review

Renowned yachting journalist Matthew Sheahan test sailed the Fareast 28R in Stockhom, Sweden earlier this year and it sounds like he was impressed. Here are just a few of the highlights from his review. The full report can be found in the May issue of Yachting World.

"Dropping the price hasn’t meant a commensurate drop in quality, far from it. In fact she’s really pretty well built throughout...Clean, tidy and with no sharp edges, there are plenty of boats on the market at twice the price and half the finish."

"Uphill or down, she seemed to know her way and fell into the groove with ease. Contorls were close to hand and everything worked...she's well-balanced, easy to handle and has plenty of space..."

"The overall effect could be a benefit to all racers by helping to build a new class of sub-30ft fast, open-cockpit racers for a broad range of pockets - which can only be a good thing."

Matthew Sheahan, Yachting World

VIDEO: Fareast 28R Review - Yachting World

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A full report is in the May edition of Yachting World.