Great results from FarEast 28R at Geelong Festival of Sails

FarEast Yachts Australia saw some great results from their first outing with the FE 28R amongst quite serious A-sym kite racing boats at Geelong Festival of Sails - it was a great success. Gerrit Veenemans writes "a new class is being developed over here in Australia called Super 11. Minimum boat length 8.5m and max. 11.2m. A-sym kites only and racing under AMS (Australian Measurement System) The Mc Conaghy 31 saw its introduction with 2 boats at the start, other competitors were 2x Melges 32, 2x J-111, Thompson 9.80 and 9.30, Shockwave 36, Tyger 10 and last but not least the Shaw 11 full carbon "Little Nico" a canting keeler of which we've all mostly seen the stern only.

Some more breeze on our second day and us getting used to each other and the boat saw us rounding the top mark in third position in race 5 on our first upwind leg, only looking at little Nico's fat bum and the Shockwave 36. Downwind the 28R was smoking and we might have lost only one position. Sure upwind we had to give in some but we found ourselves very competitive, downwind we were gaining over most boats.

The FAREAST 28R proved to be able to match 31/32 footers with no excuses in the long distance race (Race 6) We finished in front of one of each of the Melges 32, MC 31's and the J-111's after 2 hrs racing. On the downwind runs we hardly went under 13 with some long 15-16kn runs making up what we lost upwind. (wind 15-20 with 25kn gusts)".