Special Offer

Introductory 2015 Commission Rates on Used Boat Sales

5.75% plus VAT

- On site at Hamble, Southampton and Plymouth marinas.

6.5% plus VAT

- Off site anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

To celebrate the launch of the new Regatta Yachts brokerage office in Hamble we are offering you special introductory commission rates from as little as 5.75% plus VAT. To take advantage of this amazing offer, your boat needs to be near to one of our brokerage sites in Hamble, Southampton or Plymouth. Alternatively we are offering 6.5% plus VAT to any boat in UK and Ireland.

As standard your boat will be listed on seven brokerage websites with high quality images and consistent, detailed descriptions.

Plus, we offer a high quality brokerage service to ensure the process is hassle free for both boat sellers and buyers. Our thorough pre-marketing surveys ensure that buyers are only presented with high quality boats that meet their requirements meaning that all viewings are worthwhile and well targeted.

Overall, with excellent presentation, the correct pricing and a wide audience to present your boat to, we can achieve the best result for both vendor and buyer.

Call +44 (0)7802 484002 or email sails@regattayachts.co.uk for more information.


Terms and Conditions: This offer lasts until 31st October 2015, when our rates will be 6.75% plus VAT uniformly. Our terms and conditions are governed by the BMF code of practice. We are a longstanding member with an excellent and faultless trading record. All of our boats are put on our main website and our local dealers’ sites in the West Country, East Coast, Wales and Scotland. They will also feature on Yachtworld.com – Regatta Yachts page and the Island Charters ‘Boats for Sale’ section. These extra sites are at no extra cost so signing up with Regatta Yachts will put your boat on 7 websites. A high-quality uniform picture and description will be used throughout to avoid confusion and any one yacht being mistaken for multiple listings.

Call +44 (0)7802 484002 or email sails@regattayachts.co.uk for more information.